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    AMELTAN is governed by the Board of Trustees which consist of no fewer than 11 members, with the Association’s President serving as a Chairman. The Board of Trustees is generally responsible for overseeing the Association’s program and grant making strategy; budgets, expenditures and appropriation policies and guidelines; and investment strategies, allocations and performance. The Board comprises of the following:

    1.         Comr.(Pastor) Fresh Atubokiki                                             -         Chairman                   
    2.         High Chief (Comr.) Samuel Emmanuel Isijana Owurong III   -          Vice Chairman  
    3.         Comr.Charles Oji                                                                 -           P.R.O
    4.         Comr.Ibimina Stanford                                                         -           Treasurer                   
    5.         Comr.Baakel Levi Beate                                                      -           Member         
    6.         Comr. Akinsanya S. Akinsola                                               -           Member                      
    7.         Comr. Julius Dakogol                                                            -           Member
    8.         Comr. Romanous Egwuata                                                    -           Member        
    9.         Comr.(Mrs) Roseline Aina Uhuegbu                                       -          Member                      
    10.        Comr. (Evang) Prosper Sample                                             -          Assistant Secretary                   
    11.         Comr.Nmeakor Bernard D.K                                               -          Secretary

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